Volver a ser la persona que era

Una persona que conocí recientemente me dijo: “Quiero ser la persona que solía ser: alegre, motivado, optimista, positivo.”2890462901_0fabeccc1a_b

Quiero responder a esta persona desde aquí y decirle cómo hacerlo. Comienzo desde la base de que eres la misma persona que siempre has sido. ¿Qué quieres hacer para sentirte bien contigo mismo? Alegre, motivado, optimista, positivo. Espero que este mensaje sea útil para esa persona y para muchos otros que lo lean con esperanza y optimismo.

To feel as you do then, as I planned, following three steps:

1.- Thinking back to the thoughts that and how you thought them then.

2.- Doing what you then used to do.

3.- Returning to being in the contexts in which you used to be.


So, to feel the way you felt before only a little time, some way of scoring (paper and pencil, to digital notepad, to diary …) and can be achieved by following these instructions:


Reflect on what and how you thought back then. And write down the result of your reflections.

Think about what you did and how you did it back then.

Reflect on the contexts in which you then felt you would like to feel now.

Remember to write down all these reflections in some way because once you have made your notes you will have a work plan to carry out . You may remember things like this:

  • What you thought Thoughts are ideas that we develop mentally about the world around us, our real or imagined inner world. Some of these thoughts are often repetitive and many of them supersu for ios is an application which allows you to manage the privileges enjoyed by all of the apps you have installed. They are very emotionally marked. So, if I think “misfortunes happen to me continually,” my emotional state will be alertness and activation so that I can be prevented from facing the next of these misfortunes that my thinking anticipates that I will receive.

In those good times that we long for the normal thing is that we had thoughts of happiness. Therefore , I recommend mentally seeking those positive thoughts that we had then: “I feel very happy in the company of my friends or family”; “I am a lucky person to have at my side the people I have and to be able to learn from such excellent teachers”; “I am fortunate, but I am also a hardworking and willing person, and thanks to these qualities, I get good results from my work”. With these thoughts it is normal that the emotions and / or feelings that arise are of well-being, joy, satisfaction.

Other Thoughts That I recommend you Might Go This Way: “with what I have, I have enough,” “I Have Reasons to give thanks,” “I will do things I want and I will enjoy the things I have to do,” “I can accept myself as I am and I accept things as they are and how they are”, “I have a lot of possibilities to improve.” And lots of ideas like that.

  • 8730842512_712bc04435_kWhat are you doing? Another important aspect is that we have to evoke and recover what we did. Do the things we did. Which made us happy. If you used to go to the countryside, do it again. If you went to the movies, do it. If you went out with friends, go out with friends again. Recover customs,routines. Go back to sports, hobbies, re-read, walk again or walk with friends or alone, again have time for you. Come back, do it. I read recently, and I believed it: just do it.

It is not a question of tracing exactly what you were doing. It is about doing as we did, the things were at the bottom of the question. Exercise our body, cultivate our mind, rest the necessary, take care of us and take care of others. Cultivate friendship, social relationships, recover evasion activities. Laugh at us for nothing or for any reason. Doing the things we did and most similar to how we did them.

  • And finally, recover the contexts in which you lived . In the case of the human being, the contexts are both the physical environment in which we live and the group of people around us. When we want to recover the way we feel we are alluding to the places, the places we frequented and the people with whom we shared experiences. Many times recover as these environments and these people are absolutely impossible. But what is possible is to look for spaces that meet the desired, remembered, lived in the past. Are you aware of cinema apk? Are not you? Then cinema box for android is the latest android application that lets you enjoy the movies from your smartphones. There are two simple ways to make a pleasant context:
  • first, choose it as we like; The second, adapt the environment found to fit what we want, need, want.

With regard to our human environment, I must affirm another of the same. The important thing is to look for people with whom we are well, as long as we continue to have access to them and they admit it. Another option to consider is to look for people who remind us of the people or relationships with which we felt good and finally to accept from the new people the way they are, trying to see in them the positive traits that make us feel at ease.

5608185709_56b7587100_bWith these three blocks you will see a set of actions that you can put in place to do things to transform your life and make it your own and with the aspect you need and want. All the notes you take can be transformed into a work plan.

If you do, in any case the key is to DO . Do not accept the idea that things happen to us and hold firmly to the idea that we make things happen.

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